Bruxelles - Le Bunker Ciné-Théâtre - 66a rue des plantes -1210 Bruxelles - Le Bunker Ciné Théâtre - 66a rue


Concert KRAAK

Ce vendredi 2 septembre 2011 - 20h30




Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides (uk)
Mitt Land och Leo (be)
Mind Over Mirrors (usa)



free improv / road music

With ‘Low Fired Clay Escape’ on the Carnivals imprint, the duo of Pascal Nichols and Kelly Jones made a great new record as Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides. Their free improvisations with percussion and flute capture both the psychedelic trance of the contemporary free folk as well as the out-there spiritual sixties jams.

Mitt Land och Leo is another duo consisting of Antwerpian artists, Joke Leonare and Milan Warmoeskerken. They gained quick underground succes thanks to some lauded live performances in their hometown and their debut 7” on the Ultra Eczema imprint. Mitt Land och Leo bring psychedelic organpop and atonal synth weirdness as sensualizing cherries on top of a minimal beat cake.

Mind Over Mirrors is the solitary reeling of American harmoniumist/electronicist Jaime Fennelly.  Known primarily as a founding member of transatlantic gothic junk folk expressionists Peeesseye, and psychedelic free jazz trio Acid Birds, Fennelly developed Mind Over Mirrors while living on a remote island in the Salish Sea of Washington State from 2007 - 2010.  Utilizing a custom made Indian pedal harmonium, oscillators, tape delays, and an assortment of synthesizing guitar pedals, Fennelly bends slowly-building, repetitive melodies into massive sonic mountains, that fits somewhere between American Primitive, Drone and Kosmische aural territory,




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