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CONCERT Mercredi 21 septembre 2016

COLLECTIF MENTAL Proudly Presents:

Kraut Rock From Hell n°3 With :


Emerging from the vibrant Japanese psych explosion that has recently birthed Kikagaku Moyo (with whom they share a house) and Sundays & Cybele, we are pleased to present you MINAMI DEUTSCH.

Their sound is a a fuzzed out hypnotic kraut rock. Their last album is excellent, and essential listening for lovers of ’70s motorik in the vein of Neu!, Harmonia, and Kraftwerk.

Stripped back to the absolute essentials, each song locks squarely in the groove and begins unfurling its color-soaked fractals. There is not a single bum vibe on this album, yet it’s made by human hands and not by machines. It’s how each song breathes and how it grows in the soil that frees it from the cold, mechanical “motorik” stereotype.

At times dreamy and evocative and at others electrifying in its energy, Minami Deutsch is the kind of record you stay with from beginning to end.

They have been invited to perform at Liverpool Psych Fest and they will perform for the Kraut Rock From Hell Party n°3 just before for a date in Le Bunker (in Brussels). Don't miss this big party.



Like an Anatolian fever dream, BLAAK HEAT engulfs your mind in images of mystic castle mirages, slamming body and soul into an ocean of reverb fuzz. BLAAK HEAT’s “Mojave soundtracks” ( rest upon a rich history of musical tradition, drawing from the Middle East as naturally as from California’s deserts and beaches, with one foot still firmly rooted in the streets of Paris. The end-result is a timeless, vivid blend of thundering psychedelic rock and Arabian tonalities, an altar to heavy riffage, mind expansion, and social insurgencies.

Formed in Paris, France by guitarist/singer Thomas Bellier (ex-Spindrift) in 2008, BLAAK HEAT relocated to Los Angeles in 2012 with the help of drummer Mike Amster, and later added former Spindrift bandmate Henry Evans on bass. The band has toured Europe and the US extensively. After three releases (two albums, one EP) and multiple collaborations with the likes of Nobel Prize-nominated Gonzo poet Ron Whitehead, BLAAK HEAT is now working with Grammy Award-winning producer Matt Hyde (Slayer, Monster Magnet, Deftones) on its third full-length album, due in April 2016 via TeePee Records and Svart Records.


10,000 RUSSOS (FUZZ CLUB - Porto)

João Pimenta (drums/vocals), Pedro Pestana (guitar) and André Couto (bass), emerged from what they call “a dark, decadent city of a peripheral country in a peripheral continent”: Porto, Portugal.

They formed in 2012 and soon released a four track EP, triggering some national buzz and, as many great guitar bands these days, they stumbled upon the international Psych community. They eventually shared stages with the likes of A Place To Bury Strangers and Wooden Shjips and getting signed to Fuzz Club to release their first full length record.


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