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Concert KRAAK

Ce mercredi 30 juin 2010 - 20h00


has all the elements to call it free improv except for the intellectualist seriousness. That's exactly why we loved them. With cello, sax, drums and occasional other trivial attributes they build an atmosphere of tension and doubt, weaving abstract sound patterns around the concert space and the audience. Eventually pushing rusted thumbtacks in your skull. Every concert is a subtle quest that balances between wicked harmonies and complete atonality. For the split lp one of those exceptional magic moments was capturen at Netwerk, Aalst.

You wouldn't think RAZEN being Belgians if you look at their instruments or hear their compositions. For those who have never seen a chalumeau, a sopranino, a duduk or a shenai, a Razen concert could be a great visual experience. Sonically this is fusion how it should be: traditional Scottish folk, balkan core, and haunting Moroccan zurna psych are mixed to become dark mantra's that could be heard at a hot summer night at the Twin Peaks woods. Second show with new line-up!

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