Bruxelles - Le Bunker Ciné-Théâtre - 66a rue des plantes -1210 Bruxelles - Le Bunker Ciné Théâtre - 66a rue

Ce samedi 6 janvier 2018

A Thousand Lost Civilizations

A very special evening with



Consider Suicide

In the one and only surrounding that is the Bunker near Brussels' North Station, ATLC invites you for a waltz with razor blades on an unique and exclusive evening with Hypothermia and Consider Suicide.

Consider Suicide will make its first appearance in Belgium with an art performance to Nattmelankoli and a concert of previous releases and new unreleased material.

Hypothermia returns to Belgian soil again to share their new ceremony and a full performance of their upcoming album for the first time !

Expect other happenings in an atmosphere accordingly prepared to fit the universe close to the two entities who will perform on this very night.

Saturday 6th January 2018

Bunker Ciné - Théâtre
66a, Plantenstraat
1210 Brussels

Limited to 100 tickets.

Entrance: 20€
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