Bruxelles - Le Bunker Ciné-Théâtre - 66a rue des plantes -1210 Bruxelles - Le Bunker Ciné Théâtre - 66a rue


Concert lundi 8 Août 2016

Altitude Shows is back on tracks, and for our first show in months, we're delighted to bring you hell from two beautiful corners of Europe. Please welcome:

Descubriendo a Mr. Mime (ES): Screamo / Emoviolence
As you might assume, those kids may have watched way to much Pokemon episode while in high school. But they eventually found the time to start a extreeeemely intense screamo band that would later become one of our spanish favourite!

Boneflower (ES): Screamo / Post-Rock / Emo
Raw, atmospheric and passionate. Songs to scream at the moon.

OAK (SW): Chaos / Hardcore / Screamo
Come early and don't miss the occasion to get run over by the high-high-speed train that is OAK.

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