Bruxelles - Le Bunker Ciné-Théâtre - 66a rue des plantes -1210 Bruxelles - Le Bunker Ciné Théâtre - 66a rue


23 Apr 15 20:00 |



Ventre de Biche (fr)
Air Liquide (bxl)
Wulfy Benzo (bxl)


Tickets: € 5

What: three day event, over and in Bruxelles.
Where: 66A rue des plantes, 1210 Bxl
All-in ticket: € 20 (on sale day 1 & 2)
I.c.w. Ernesto Gonzalez & Thibault Gondard.



Brussels is a beautiful perverted and fragmented city. A city which serves as a rich soil for a cancerous growth of music, concerts, labels, art, and independent beers. This festival crawls throughout cellars and dens of musical Brussels. DIAL 1000-BXHELL!

Ventre de Biche (fr)

Nihilistic outlet of cartoonist Luca Retraite, straight out of the Strasbourg basement scene. Demented update of New Wave with worn out drummachines, hollow rants and shabby synths.

<a href="">arffffreg0,17 by VENTRE DE BICHE</a>

Air Liquide (bxl)

Fraudulous and abrasive drum machine music by a Brussels-based youngster. Distorted neo-techno, restless songs in the shape of dense and aggresive soundscapes, or the Nine Inch Nails for romantic urban ramblers.

Wulfy Benzo (bxl)

Straight outta uptown Brussels: Wulfy Benzo, the ketamine-version of Kanye West. In his own words: raw, heavy electronics mixed w/cough-syrup themed rap music.

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