Bruxelles - Le Bunker Ciné-Théâtre - 66a rue des plantes -1210 Bruxelles - Le Bunker Ciné Théâtre - 66a rue


Concert vendredi 9 juin 2017


INHALT (US - EBM / analog wave)
Pulsing minimal beats , deep and straight forward electronics , bathing in cold grooves and modernity .

LUMINANCE (Belg. - synth-pop / dream-wave)
Infinite cartography of synthetic music with a pop. Catchy grooves and cold beats to dance and dream on.

DJ's: Blackmarquis & X-Pulsiv

Organized by Self Control, in cooperation with Killtown Bookings, DARKOTHEQUE, Ce N'Est Pas De La Couille, Voici La New Wave, WAVES Radio Show and Red Maze Records.


Bunker - rue des Plantes 66A - 1210 Brussels
Doors: 19:30
Entrance fee: 5 eur

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